AboutSherida DeFrance collects many hats and wears many shoes. Her flourishing creativity began with DeFrance Style as a fashion stylist back in 2002 after being laid off from a job in the financial industry.

In late 2017, she decided to revamp DeFrance Style and expand outside of the limitations of just fashion.

The best way to describe Sherida now is to say that she creates, connects and influences. It is no longer limited to just fashion. Having worked for over 20 years at Fortune 500 companies in the capacity of sales, marketing and most recently, as a relationship manager, she is finally utilizing her astounding creativity in conjunction with her astute business acumen. What differentiates her from others in the emergent food space is that she is a strategist that can help businesses through using a balance of analytics and creativity. She has the ability to see things from multiple points of view.

The Transitional Foodie Project exposes people on how to live a healthy lifestyle while promoting great products, home cooked meals and restaurants from a foodie perspective.